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Aloop sells and ships our products worldwide. We've sent Aloop kits to thousands of riders in over 50 countries, and the list grows almost every day.

Here's a letter from a happy customer in Spain:

The kit arrived by late Friday, indeed much sooner than expected, so I must say I’m quite impressed by shipping service. I’ve been also quite impressed by the general quality of fit, finish an engineering of the A-Loop kit. Thanks to it I have an all together new bike!

I decided to take my time and enjoy the work, so I spent best part of the weekend mounting the kit. Thanks to the sense of humour of the instructions I must say it was a double enjoyment. In short, thanks for an outstanding product and a no less outstanding service.

Kind regards from Spain, Fernando G.

Here are some questions and answers about the Aloop 4SMX Seat/Tank Kit.

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What shrouds (radiator plastic) does the Aloop kit use?

What graphics will fit the Aloop shrouds?

What seat covers will fit an Aloop Seat?

Can I use an Aloop Seat with a stock fuel tank?

Do you sell replacement parts for your kit?

Do you ship your Aloop kits worldwide?

Do you have any dealers or distributors overseas?

How can I get more fuel capacity out of an Aloop tank?

My Aloop XR400 seat base has broken, what caused this?