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Customer Photo Gallery

Over the last 10 years we've sold almost 5,500 of our seat tank kits to avid XR pilots all around the world.

Here are a few of the photos that our happy customers have sent in. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

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Grant's XR

Muddy XR400

1986 XR600 vintage MX custom build

GNCC Build for Racer X

GP Garage in Italy, Aloop XR250 behind a beautiful XR600

The kit is fire

New to me 2000 XR400R with Aloop Kit.

New to me 2000 XR400R with Aloop Kit.

Didn’t need the fender flairs but LOVE the new seat and tank

Pete, thank you for doing the work to produce and offer such a fine product! Honda would do well to hire you as a consultant. You have taken XRs to the highest level of performance and the cost of the kit is a true bargain for the value realized by serious riders. Thanks again for your efforts! Jay Cheney Leadville, Colorado

Ryan S's Canadian Aloop XR400, with Black Frame.

Steven's XR400

Caleb's XR400

98’ XR400R with KTM XC-W front suspension

Caleb's bike. No shrouds!


Gian's Italian XR400 racer, before Aloop kit.

Gian's Italian XR400 Race Bike with his Aloop kit.

Hasek's XR400 Street Tracker

Jay's XR400

Ryan M's XR400 with CR front end

Ryan M's XR400

Hayden's Aloop XR600 with CR forks

Love my Aloop

The war pig. She races.

Full race bike

Elliot's Woody Woodpecker XR650L Supermoto

Elliot's XR650L Motard

An Aloop Offroad XR650L built by GP Garage in Italy.