4SMX Kit for XR250R and XR400R fts 1996-2004 models

4SMX Kit for XR250R and XR400R fts 1996-2004 models

NOTE> Our XR250-XR400 kits are temporarily out of stock, waiting on a fresh production run of fuel tanks. Please feel free to backorder, we will ship first come first served. Expected ship date is June 15th, 2019. We are sorry for this short delay.

Featured on the cover of Dirt Bike Magazine and the cover of Motocross Action Magazine, and more than 8 other Offroad Magazine covers worldwide, ALOOP's XR400 Seat Tank kit is a "must-have" item for any XR400 performance rider. The kit consists of a 2.0 gallon motocross tank, (just .8 gallon less than the stock tank), a new seat with CR-style foam and a Guts Racing non-slip seat cover, and two CR-style radiator shrouds complete with genuine Aloop graphics.

The new tank is set up to use two fuel petcocks for better fuel delivery under race conditions. Most importantly, the ALOOP Tank allows the rider to sit more than 3 inches further forward, more than an inch higher, and the tank is more than three inches narrower at the knees.


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