Seat, Complete, Aloop XR600-XR650L

Completely assembled and ready to bolt to your Aloop XR600 or 650L. Includes an Aloop Seat base, Aloop seat foam, Aloop seat cover, our Aloop under fender mounting "Hat", 2 internal bolt plates and all required nuts and washers plus the labor to cover the seat.


The seat cover is made from Black all-over medium gripper material with vinyl patches at the rear with our Aloop logo. Custom colors or designs are available on special order, please call for details.

These will only work on bkes equipped with an ALOOP FUEL TANK. Like our kits, the seats will fit the 1988-2000 XR600R and 1993-2019 XR650L.

NOTE: You will also need our #072-045 Seat Tongue Tab. This aluminum tab is part of the Aloop kit but is available separately.

ALSO NOTE: Due to vendor constraints our standard seat covers are now all black, medium gripper material.



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