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4SMX Kit for XR650L

Fits all 1993-2019 Honda XR650L models

Bring your XR650L into the 21st century, for Street, Dirt or Supermoto!

Fits all 1993-2019 Honda XR650L models

The ALOOP 4SMX XR650L seat/tank kit costs just $599 plus shipping and is available online.

Many thanks to the HUNDREDS of customers who have patiently awaited the release of the Aloop Seat/tank kit to fit the Honda XR650L. The WAIT IS OVER, we now have XR650L Kits in stock and are filling orders daily. Place your order now and get the most incredible XR650L upgrade ever!

The NEW Aloop XR650L kit fits the 1993-2019 XR650L. Fuel tank capacity is approx. 2 gallons, and the new Aloop seat flows like a CR-style seat, flat and comfortable with no huge humpback like the stock seat and tank. Most importantly, the new Aloop seat and tank are over 4" narrower at the knees, and this brings an incredible sense of control and stability when you pinch the tank with your legs.

The new XR650L kit includes the 2 gallon fuel tank in black, a pair of plastic shrouds with Aloop decal set, a new MX style seat fully assembled, and all mounting hardware. Cost is only US$499 plus shipping.

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: We will supply the new XR650L kit with all parts needed to install it EXCEPT for an XR style fuel cap. You will not be able to use your XR650L cap as it fits the metal tank. You should order a Honda cap, part# 17620-KT1-780 from your dealer. The approximate retail price for this part is just $25. Alternatively, you can order a billet XR cap from companies such as BBR or Sunline. Just be aware that you're going to need an XR cap in order to complete the installation. (Both fuel petcocks will be provided by Aloop).

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Aloop Offroad

PO Box 412
Sedalia, CO 80135, USA

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